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Latin dramas on CD ROM

Dramas from the Cambridge Latin Course Book 2 were filmed for a cd rom in April 2003.

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David Thomas, Executive Producer David Thomas Janet Frawley, Producer Janet Frawley Zoe Usherwood, Assistant Producer. Zoe Usherwood
The cast rehearsed in a church hall for two days under the direction of Steve Kelly, Steve with Wilf O'Neill listening out for correct Latin, Wilf and Roger Dalladay (seen here with Wilf) advising on visual authenticity. Roger Dalladay and Wilf O'Neill
One scene was rehearsed in the porch. rehearsal A scene in Alexandria involved a fussy mother and her boy-mad daughter. Alexandrian mother and daughter The Alexandrian doctor, Petro, tended his patient as he lay on a table. The doctor Petro
Meanwhile Pat Bunting Pat Bunting was transformed with a wig Pat Bunting in wig and eventually costume, into a British chieftain. Pat Bunting in costume
Steve had to visualise the background to each scene, which would be added electronically. Printout of a background The following week, filming began in studios in Wandsworth, mainly against a green background, to allow for the digital Roman backgrounds to be added. The cameras were controlled by George George, first camera and Matthias, Matthias Laeis, second camera
and the floor manager Rob Muller made sure that the actors knew what they were doing Rob Muller, 1st AD and that equipment like ladders didn't get in the way. Roman guests with ladder Three slaves in Britain introduced themselves, the cook Volubilis, Volubilis, the Egyptian cook
and Philus (Bijan) and Bregans, scribe and dogsbody. Philus and Bregans Varica, their foreman, told them about an incident Varica the overseer in which their master Salvius was wounded. Salvius
In his study Salvius was prevented from dictating to his secretary by Rufilla his wife. Salvius, Philus and Rufilla Our hero Quintus attended a dinner Quintus given by King Cogidubnus King Cogidubnus arrives at the ceremony
at which he and his dinner guests honoured the Emperor Claudius Roman and British guests and enjoyed reclining at table. The dinner was interrupted King Cogidubnus and guests by a bear which attacked guests but was prevented from injuring the King Actress with the head from her bear costume
by the quick thinking and the spear thrown by our hero Quintus. Quintus throws spear Finally the bear lay dead at the King's feet. King Cogidubnus and the dead bear To see 59 more photos taken by Matthew Nicholls (Varica), please click on the picture to the right. Alator stabs Salvius
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