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Mosella by Ausonius


The Journey ; The Hymn ; Looking into the depths ; The Fishes ; The Vineyards ; The gods ; Reflections in the River ; Boatmen at Play ; The Anglers ; Riverside Villas ; Some of the Villas Described ; Tributaries of the Moselle ; A Salutation ; One day Ausonius will write of eminent Belgians ; The Moselle flows into the Rhine ; Ausonius on himself ; There is so much more to sing ; All other rivers will bow to the Moselle

15. The Moselle flows into the Rhine.

But the web that I began to weave is done. The praise of these men must be delayed. For the present, let us speak of a fortunate river That follows its happy course through fertile country; Let us make a sacred offering to the waters of the Rhine. Now, O Rhine, open your bosom, open your raiment, Your blue-green cloak, to make space for new waters, Let yourself be swelled by a brother-stream. Your reward will not be water only: What comes to you is from the walls of Caesar's city; It has seen the joint triumphs of father and son, The enemy's defeat at the river Nekar at Ladenburg, At the spring of Hister, unknown to Latin histories. Just now this war is over, and these laurels have come. Moselle will bring others again from the same source. Travel onward, both streams joined in one! Let your twin flood push back the dark blue sea. And, Rhine, never fear that you may seem dimished; A host will feel no envy. Yours is an eternal name. Secure in your own fame, receive your brother. Rich in water, rich in Nymphs, prodigal of both, Your channel will stretch, separating the two banks,
And spill out common streams through diverse mouths. Your strength will grow, and Franks will tremble at it, And Chamaves and Germans too. They will regard you As the true boundary of the empire. Such a great flood will bring you a double name; Though you flow as one, you will be called two-horned.
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