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Classics Teaching Resources

NASA photos for Classics lessons

NASA photos of the earth from space include a number that could have practical use in Classics lessons. Each picture listed here has a paragraph or two of inflrmation and often links to further information, as well as a 'click to enlarge' feature which brings up truly huge images, 4 to 6 mb in size.

For the Cambridge Latin Course Book 1

The Vesuvius region
Mount Vesuvius

For the eruption

OK, I know these pictures are Mount Etna, not Mount Vesuvius, but they are really impressive. I have included one link that goes directly to a big version, with suggestions for its use.

Etna eruption 1
Etna eruption 2
Etna eruption 3 This is a huge picture. Experiment with viewing the bottom right hand part, and then 'panning' left until the plume appears. Then follow it up. Awe-inspiring!
Etna eruption 4 The whole of Sicily, with the smoke plume clearly visible.
Etna eruption 5
Etna eruption - stereoscopic picture

For the Cambridge Latin Course Book 2

Alexandria and the site of the Pharos lighthouse

For Classical Civilisation

Aegean area showing all Greece and much of Turkey
The Acropolis in Athens
Bosporus and Istanbul
Sicily and S. Italy
Troy 1
Troy 2
Cyprus - the whole island

For Catullus

Lake Garda with Sirmio


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